Imperfectly Perfect: The Hidden Tale Behind Our Mini Teddy Bear Melts

Imperfectly Perfect: The Hidden Tale Behind Our Mini Teddy Bear Melts

When I introduced the incredibly cute mini teddy bear wax melts, my sons Logan (who was four at the time) and Caden (who was three) were absolutely thrilled to join me in the exciting task of removing them from their moulds. However, we did encounter a few hiccups along the way that resulted in some tearful confessions of teddy bear breakages. Logan, who happens to be on the autism spectrum, is incredibly sensitive. Every time he accidentally broke one of those mini teddies, his eyes would well up with tears, and he would become so upset with himself that he was even afraid to admit that some of them were broken. It was truly heart-wrenching to witness my little guy blaming himself and begging me to redo the entire tray, promising to be more careful in the future.

As a parent, it was truly heartbreaking to imagine Logan blaming himself for something that was bound to happen repeatedly. It was just the nature of working with delicate little bears and silicone moulds. It was like expecting a cookie not to crumble when you take a bite – it's simply part of the process.

And the truth is, it wasn't his fault at all! So, I decided to have a heart-to-heart with him, and picked up one of the broken teddies. I said, "Look here. Just like you and me, these teddy bears are all made differently. They can be big or skinny, missing a leg or an arm, or even their head! But guess what? They're still perfect in their own way!

To make it even more fun and understandable by a then four year old, I started telling him little stories about these cute little bears while we sat taking them out of their moulds. Like the one missing its legs? Well, it went off to war! And the one without a hand? It accidentally swiped the wrong cookie. Logan laughed and told that mini teddy off for its cookie error. Silly, right? But that didn't make them any less perfect.

I wanted Logan to understand that imperfections are what make us unique. They don't define us or diminish our worth. We should celebrate our differences, just like we celebrate these adorable imperfect mini teddy bears. It's not about judging each other, it's about embracing our imperfections with open arms.

So, that's why every mini teddy bear wax melt, broken or not, that my boys and I take out of their moulds gets included in your jars or refill bags. We want you to see that life is full of quirks and surprises. We're all made differently, and that's what makes us awesome.

The next time you melt some of these cuties, enjoy them knowing that imperfections are something to be cherished, not shamed.

Embrace the uniqueness, and do let us know if you talk to your mini teddy bears too!

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