Shimmer & Sparkle

Shimmer & Sparkle

I get asked quite often why I decided to change all of Melt my Heart's wax melts from the traditional Clamshells to the Melt Bars and Snap Bars.

I don't think there's an actual answer here, but I have always liked out the box kind of products, and I began to research ways to make my products plastic free and as environmentally friendly as possible.  The solution came to me when I saw the chocolate slab mold at a cake shop one day and it was like this little light bulb 💡 went off! 

I love that the Shimmer Melt Bars and Galaxy Snap Bars allow my creative side to come through, and it's gotten my eldest, Logan involved in making melts too!  Most the melts that leave here going to customers all over New Zealand are designed by Logan or myself.  Most times, it is Logan who picks the glitters that go with your scent choices.

And who doesn't love a little bit of Shimmer & Sparkle in their lives?  (My house however might disagree with the little bit in that statement.  I find glitter and shimmery dust all over the place) 🤣  And I think we all know how glitter never really goes away, I might be a little apologetic for your homes. 

Melt my Heart's unique wax melt range prides itself on attention to detail and the highest of quality time after time.  For each individual wax melt, I use a special blend of 100% natural soy wax and the strongest fragrance load that the wax can hold before jeopardizing it's quality using only the best oils available.

So how safe is the glitter I use?
All of the glitter I use is biodegradable and made predominantly from a plant cellulose. The main ingredient is Eucalyptus Trees from sustainably farmed non-GMO plantations. Which is awesome for our environment and doesn't harm any animals either!  Yay!

How do you make it shimmer
I use Mica powder that is ethically sourced as well as sometimes synthetically made (synthetic mica is an environmentally-friendly alternative) and purchased from a supplier who has independently checked to verify an ethical supply chain.

It shimmers and shines, swirls and makes all your melt pools look fantastic! 

Here's just a few of Melt my Heart's customer melt pools using either Shimmer Melts, Galaxy Snap Bars or the Teddy Bears.

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Uuummm glitter in the house is totally acceptable lol we love sparkles ✨❤️

Nichole Williams

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