Send It Back! Packaging Buy Back Scheme

Here at Melt My Heart, we strive to create products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, so it brings us great joy to have a packaging buy back scheme in place!

All of our packaging and storage is able to be used multiple times, as well as being biodegradable and compostable!  We don't like using single use plastics, and it is our passion to avoid that at all costs. We make use of the materials we receive with shipping, so that means that even our bubble wrap is getting a second life when we send it to you!

We hope you’ll consider passing it on again too OR send it back when you return the following items to Melt My Heart!

Earn a cheeky store credit for returning the following items in a clean and reusable quality to Melt my Heart:

  • Glass Jars used for Mini Teddy Bear Melts - $1.00 Store Credit earned per Jar with Lid returned.
  • Mixology and Sample Boxes - $1.85 Store Credit earned per Box returned.
  • Christmas Advent Calendars - $2.45 Store Credit earned per Calendar box returned.

Melt my Heart has absorbed the expense of sending large parcels back to the Studio by issuing a shipping label for you to attach to your parcel, to then be dropped off at your nearest NZ Post Branch. This is ideal for sending back items in bulk!

  • All Boxes/Packaging to be supplied by the customer when returning items.
  • Shipping costs and post labels will be supplied by Melt My Heart for all Glass Jars with lids over 3 in quantity, any less and the expense is bestowed on the customer.
  • Mixology/Sample Boxes can be returned to Melt My Heart using NZ Posts A5 parcel bags, the cost of this is to be paid by the customer. Melt My Heart will issue a Shipping Label and cover the cost of the item to be couriered to the Studio.

Have you got a stash of boxes and jars that you’re ready to return? Email Alexandria at, with packaging size and weight and we will get a label ready for you!

Terms & Conditions

Melt My Heart will run this scheme through to the end of 2021 and subject to review, will assess if it will continue into 2022.

Melt My Heart reserves the right to withdraw or amend this scheme at any time on a month’s notice, such notice will be given on this page.

Store Credit is given upon us receiving the items mentioned above in good/excellent condition.  Please take care to wrap and box returnable items carefully, so they arrive to us unharmed!

You can view your accumulated store credit via your Customer Dashboard when you login to the Melt My Heart store. You can apply any store credit to your future purchases over $10.