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4 Galaxy Snap Bars Bundle Deal

  • Save a MASSIVE 9% when you purchase this Bundle Deal!

    Treat yourself to a shimmery and colourful collection of STUNNING Wax Galaxy Snap Bars that will give you an instant fragrance boost that lasts for hours and hours! You can choose any of Melt my Hearts Bundle Deals for further savings!

    Let's add a little bit more sparkle and A WHOLE LOT more fragrance to your life with Melt my Heart's beautiful highly scented Wax Galaxy Snap Bars!

    Melt my Heart's Wax Galaxy Snap Bars offer such an affordable, and easy way to explore various beautiful and mouthwatering fragrances without breaking the bank! You can now have a home that smells clean, stunning and when anyone walks through the door, they always compliment you on the gorgeous smell of your home!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

It took a long time to receive order but it was worth the wait! Great value for money and smell amazing!!!

Michaela Makiha

Absolutely 💯 stoked with my Galaxy Snap Bars... The trouble I am having, is the fact that having 4 different favorite scents means making it hard to choose which one to have each day lols but all in all I definitely can't wait to explore the rest of your products... These are a must have in my life, and i totally recommend to all😊


Love my Galaxy snap bars which is why I keep coming back 🙂
They smell amazing.

Dee Purdy

I am loving the melts my house smells so Devine and everyone who comes in asks me about them. 10/10

Jay Calman
Galaxy snap bars

Beautiful long lasting fragrances!

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