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Clear Glass Reed Diffuser - 200ml

Colour of Reed Sticks

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Melt my Heart's Clear Round Glass Reed Diffusers are a subtle and sophisticated way to envelop your home in scent, a room diffuser can help achieve the right atmosphere, from mood-boosting to calming, sultry and seductive to bright and breezy.

Each of the 200ml Round Glass Reed Diffusers come with 10 completely natural reed sticks and have not been bleached or dyed and finished with a stunning silver collar.

  • Melt my Heart uses an eco-friendly diffuser base from a fully renewable source, alongside a mixture of our beautiful fragrance oils, which means no unnecessary harm to the environment as well as no plastic in sight!

  • If you're after this product as a gift, put a note at checkout and it'll be sent to you within a white gift box.

    For the ultimate in fragrance longevity, these 50ml diffusers are complemented with 8 reeds to provide over 12 weeks of aroma - truly, the gift that keeps on giving.


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Peter Hudson
reed deffusers

The reed diffuses i purchased bought from melt my heart are out standing ,i wouldn't consider buying any other

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