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Custom Order Wash Boost 500g

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Love the scent of fresh-smelling clothes that also feel soft and are un-static-y? You'll fall in love with Melt my Heart's must-have Wash Fragrance Boosts.
  • Custom Orders - "Choose your own fragrance for your Wash Fragrance Boost!  Have a look through our current Fragrance Descriptions page. Just write in your choice in the text box above. (Only fragrances that Melt my Heart carry are currently available.)"

    Our Wash Fragrance Boosts contain no chemicals or nasties and are completely natural!

    The biodegradable salt crystals that we use not only help disperse the scent with your clothes, but it also has a few bonuses too! It helps soften your clothes without leaving any soapy residue, stops colour bleeding and also helps keep your clothes brighter and whiter too!

    The bonuses don't stop there!

    Our Wash Fragrance Boosts also acts as an odour eliminator and helps clean your washing machine and is also completely safe to use with septic tanks.

    You don't need to add the Wash Fragrance Boosts to every load. It can be used for those extra stinky, dirty loads. (We're addicted to it, so we use it in every load!)

    With your laundry smelling so good, we recommend that you pick up one of our Luxurious Room Sprays to keep your entire home smelling fantastic and gorgeous. You can use the spray on your linen, clothing, curtains and carpets. Even use it as an emergency body spray!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aisha Faint

The best melts and the most amazing washing powder I've ever come across I highly recommend melt my heart products !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gemma Colville
Love Spell

At first when I was putting this in my machine, I wasn't to sure if I liked the product in this scent. Love Spell is my favourite wax melt, but it smells quite different as a scent booster BEFORE you put it through the wash. However, to my surprise, AFTER washing, this smells just as amazing and the scent lingers on your clothes and towels long after being washed and dried!

So to conclude: I highly recommend this product!!

Joanne Stephens
French Pear

Absolutely love this scent, my favourite so far.

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