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    • Please Note: These scents are Limited in quantity, either end of line fragrances, Monthly Subscription Box Fragrances or fragrances brought in for other customers! These are scent with Handwritten labels unless some have been previous printed. 

      There could only be one or two of each scent available, and some scents can become part of the permanent fragrances available!  Read scent descriptions under the Scent Description Tab!

      All Melt my Heart Shimmer Melt Bars are hand-poured and made with only the highest-grade ingredients that I can find. The Shimmer Melt Bars are presented to you in shimmery colours and biodegradable glitters that enhance your melting experience!

      All products are made with an inkling of love and leave to go to their forever home packaged in biodegradable cellulose bags.

      Shimmer Melt Bars deliver a rich and intense fragrance in your home, and are a favourable and more economical alternative to having your home smelling beautiful and welcome!  Typically giving you 60 - 89 hours of fragrance per bar.

      Melt my Heart Shimmer Melt Bars are long-lasting and strongly scented, so you'll be receiving compliments on how amazing your home smells every single time!

      Discount Codes or Sales do not apply to Limited Edition Melt Bars.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Whitfield

These wax melt bars are amazing, so satisfying breaking it up like chocolate! All the sents are amazing and the bar snapped up fills all my wax burners at once! Will buy again 😂❤

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