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Zodiac - Pisces ♓

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All Zodiac Signs will be sent from the 28th of September 2022.
Purchasing this Zodiac Collection - Pisces, you will receive two Pisces Shaped Wax Melts, coloured with their Power Colour and infused with a customized fragrance blend of fruit and citrus to suit an Pisces-born person. Packaged in a simple but elegant brown box with a customized label representing your Zodiac Sign, including your very own Aquamarine to keep!

Pisces Zodiac
Pisces Zodiac Sign


Pisces is a water sign. As such, they are known for their depth, empathy, and willingness to go with life’s sweet flow.

Pisces are deeply compassionate, intuitive, and gentle. They love to move with music, but can be a bit too dreamy at times. Pisces are also very impressionable and sometimes get hurt easily or trust too much.

Pisces is the sign of romance and they keep their heart open to the world.


"I believe."

Pisces is the dreamy sign of imagination and spirituality, which can help us transcend intellectualism and move into a more spiritual state of believing in our divinity without the need to analyze.


Strengths: Creative, Empathetic, Generous, Intuition
Weaknesses: Impressionable, Closed Off, Overly Emotional


Light Green

Pisces are adaptable and gentle, but also powerful. When attending a party full of different personalities, Pisces should wear light green to help express who they really are.



The water of the sea stone, Aquamarine brings its mermaids treasure traits to the table for Pisces to enjoy. This stone invites the Pisces to tap into their own capabilities and embrace the ebb and flow of life.


Fresh and green with citrus top notes, a supporting middle of ripe peaches and a sweet, lingering base of coconut and clean musk.

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