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Zodiac - Taurus ♉

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All Zodiac Signs will be sent from the 28th of September 2022.
Purchasing this Zodiac Collection - Taurus, you will receive two Taurus Shaped Wax Melts, coloured with their Power Colour and infused with a customized fragrance blend of earth and florals to suit an Taurus-born person.  Packaged in a simple but elegant brown box with a customized label representing your Zodiac Sign, including your very own Rose Quartz to keep!

Taurus Zodiac
Taurus Zodiac Sign


Earthly, stoic, but with more than a pinch of passion, Taureans are one of the most reliable star signs in the pack.

They love a sense of luxury and security and are forever surrounding themselves with the soft and sublime things of life.

While they can be practical and devoted, those born under the sign of Taurus aren’t huge fans of change and tend to steer clear of complex situations and wild emotions.


"I have"

The Taurus person is always aware of her possessions. She loves to collect and touch and own. Plus, this keyword reflects Taureans nature as a fixed, stubborn sign, and a statement like "I have" leaves little to no room for challenges or changes. The quality of 'I have' is firm and earthy and tangible, just like Taurus.


Strengths: Passionate, Tenacious, Devoted, Reliable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Vain, Lazy



Taurus is an earth sign and, as such, connects deeply with the color green. Green is great for inspiring Taureans to tap into their innate prosperity and their gift of creating abundance, Like a verdant, lush forest, Taurus is rich in life and splendor. Their surroundings should represent and reinforce that concept, both to make them feel at home and to share that beauty with others.


Rose Quartz

Sometimes Taureans struggle to let their hearts crack open and welcome in pure love, Rose Quartz is the stone of acceptance and unconditional love and can help hardy Taurus to soften inside.


In the heart of the forest, surrounded by earthy pine and fir needles enveloped by heady notes of jasmine flowers and rich patchouli, woods and caramel.

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