Our Story

How has it been five years since Melt my Heart was created? I say this a lot to myself when I look at my sons, Logan and Caden and how much they've grown since they were born.

If you have followed Melt my Heart's journey since 2017, you'll have noticed how much of a role my children play in this business. From helping me create amazing wax melts that are colourful and decorated with glitter to packaging, labelling, and getting all your parcels set outside for the courier to collect!

What started as just a hobby with no intention of becoming a business has blossomed into an amazing business that I couldn't imagine being without! I love what I do and am thankful to every single one of my customers, who have supported me with this dream over the years. I am very thankful to my poor husband who has had to endure so many different scents, some lovely and some not so lovely and our home being turned into a studio, with the chaos of order packaging and creating of products. Not to mention in the last 7 months, he has taken over cooking dinner and looking after our boys while I've been working tirelessly to get orders out!

How did Melt my Heart become such an amazing brand and business?
In September of 2016, I started the journey of making wax melts for myself, as other brands would trigger migraines for me and cause my husband's asthma to play up. After weeks of playing with different waxes, I finally settled on the wax that I still use to this very day! It's 100% soy and completely free of any additives and harmful substances.

By December 2016, I had friends and family asking me to make them wax melts because they loved how my home smelled and were amazed that I hadn't changed my wax in the burners for 3 or 4 days! I was suddenly spending hours a day making melts and a friend suggested I start selling my melts on Facebook Marketplace and one thing led to another.  Suddenly I was shipping my wax melts around the Country.

Back in 2017, my wax melts came in cute little shapes, and I only had 10 scents to choose from! I still have 8 of those scents available now and they are Black Raspberry Vanilla, French Pear, Starfruit & Citrus, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Coconut, Vanilla, French Lavender, and Monkey Farts. But that soon became quite unreasonable for me to continue to make as it was immensely time consuming, and I made the switch to clamshell packaging and introduced Wafflelicious Wax Melts which are still available today!

On the 11th of January 2017, I came up with business name "Melt my Heart", it happened quite by accident, or I could say it was kismet really. Logan who was almost 7 months old at the time was pulling himself up to stand on my legs with the cutest grin on his face and all I could say was "oh, how you melt my heart." Light bulb moment!

Melt my Heart was born, and it was only in February 2018 that this website was created, and I started doing online orders as well as attending Markets every weekend with Logan by my side and later, Caden who attended his very first market at 4 days old.

I now had a website, I was sending out orders and began to experiment with more colours, different fragrances and suddenly the world of wax melt making opened completely for me! I was in love and researching different products, and slowly began adding new products to the website and had a simple mission.

 "To provide the best quality melts that were long lasting, non-toxic wax melts that had amazing fragrances!"

 Our mission is still the same with more added to it. Our mission now:

 "Is to bring excitement and happiness through the love of scent to homes all around New Zealand by creating stunningly fragrant products by hand, that are of the best possible quality and long-lasting that can be enjoyed by everyone."

In five years, Melt my Heart has become more than just a small business! The community behind Melt my Heart has been amazing and given me the courage to forge ahead with aspirations and goals that I'd never ever considered previously.

Kind of scary, but at the same time so very exciting! We've grown from a kitchen bench to almost my entire home dedicated to wax melt making, and the glitter everywhere is testament to that! Even my husband says the trees outside have glitter on them! 🤣

There have been many changes over the last five years. We've completely done away with single use plastic packaging, and no longer sell our wax melts in clamshells or plastic packaging. Our Shimmer Melt Bars and Galaxy Snap Bars all get sent out in 100% plastic-free cellulose film, and all other products use reusable or compostable packaging.

One thing has remained the same since January 2017. My dedication to always bring you the longest-lasting wax melts are non-toxic, safe for the environment and cruelty-free (no testing on animals, but my children have eaten their fair share of wax melts over the years) and most of all, offering that personal touch that many of you have seen first-hand. Every single wax melt is poured by hand by myself, packaged, labelled, and sent to you with the help of my two sons with every order receiving a hand-written thank you card!

Melt my Heart's team consists of myself and both my sons who love working alongside me daily and I'd like to introduce them to you! (Melt my Heart is currently looking to add a permanent part time person to the team!)

Logan (5 and a half years old)

He is definitely my helper when creating melts and is often only a step behind me when I'm moving around trying to fill molds. Often you can find him unmolding all the Mini Teddy Bear Melts and has on a few occasions tried to package the Shimmer Melts and Snap Bars. It's not always been successful, but Logan definitely loves to help!

Logan's favourite colour is green, and if he had his way all the melts would be made in green! And probably why I'm always out of the green colour for melts, since he likes to get in there and cover himself from head to toe in Apple Green colouring.

He also helps decide which glitters get added to your wax melts (so they're not always the same). Not to mention if your labels are a little skew, just know that they're placed out of love!

Caden (4 years old)

He’s my youngest son, and oh boy he knows how cute he is! That smile is going to break some hearts when he grows up! Now Caden is my quiet helper and loves to be right next to me when I’m pouring the melts into moulds. Insisting on bumping the table and putting his fingers into the setting wax, because he is very eager to spend time and work alongside me during the afternoons or early mornings on the weekend! So, if your melts have a tiny fingerprint on the back of them, you'll know that Caden helped make that one!

I often wake up and find that he’s been ever so helpful in taking all the sample hearts out of their moulds. And usually, there’s a few missing or hidden away somewhere! It is the thought that counts, and just means that he gets to help me make a few more hearts! I personally think that’s his favourite pastime! Taking all the sample hearts out of the moulds.

Mini Teddy Bear Melts are the favourites amongst both my boys and Caden likes to unmould them while watching his favourite tv show. This does mean it can take a few hours to get one jar of Mini Teddy Bear Melts from him, but I love how he wants to be included in my day-to-day work! So, sometimes your parcel might be a little delayed, but you can’t rush perfection or in this case, a 4-year-old who throws a mean temper tantrum when you interrupt or try and rush him while he is working! 

Melt my Heart has grown immensely in 5 years, and we now stock more than just wax melts and our range is ever increasing thanks to our wonderful community of customers and our Facebook Group. There are a lot of amazing products and ideas coming this year and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all my customers, social media supporters and behind the scenes cheerleaders. Some of you have been with Melt my Heart since day one and can remember our old packaging and logo! Some of you have only just recently joined Melt my Heart and it's been a pleasure to make your homes smell just as beautiful as those who live within them, and I plan to keep on doing just that.

 All your orders are sent to you infused with love, and I feel like a piece of me goes with them to their new forever homes.  Thank you for coming along this incredible journey with me!

Love & Light,