Our Story

I'm Alexandria, the sole proprietor and creator behind Melt my Heart. I started making melts purely for myself about 5 years ago because I've always loved a beautifully scented home. I used to always have candles burning but I was also notorious for falling asleep with them lit. A friend of a friend introduced me to melts and I loved them but I found that they were super expensive and didn't last as long as I hoped.
My first son was around 3 months old when I ventured into researching how to make my own and I became enveloped into this magnificent world of scents! Oh, how overwhelming it was back then and I wanted to have them all! Family and friends suddenly wanted me to make them melts and as a few months went by, I was suddenly producing more wax melts and my poor kitchen became over run with all sorts of tools, colours, molds and well a whole lot of soy wax!
It was suggested that I make a Facebook page and actually start supplying my wax melts to those who wanted to buy them and suddenly this little business was formed. It was on that fateful day, the 11th of January 2017 that I sat in my living room watching my then 7 month old crawling around floor and I thought to myself... 'oh how you melt my heart". Well that light bulb moment has cemented the following years of Melt my Heart.
I began with a simple mission. To provide the best quality melts that were long lasting, non toxic wax melts that had amazing fragrances! Away I went with this great idea and concept, and I can't tell you how amazed I am today. Melt my Heart has become more than just a small business, we've grown from being made in a kitchen to having an entire portion of a house dedicated to wax making.
Over the past 4 and 1/2 years, our packaging has changed. We've completely done away with plastic packaging and the normal clamshells to amazing Shimmer Melt Bars and Galaxy Snap Bars. But one thing has remained the same through out. The dedication to continuously bring you the longest lasting melts possible that have no toxins, and are safe for the environment and most of all still offering that personal touch.
Every melt is hand poured by myself, packaged, labeled and then sent to you personally. Often with the help of my now 5 year old Logan and his brother Caden who is 3 and a 1/2. Both boys love helping me work in the afternoons.
Whether it's unmolding all the wax melts or wanting to help label them (sorry some of the labels are a little skew from those helping little hands).
Melt my Heart has grown immensely in over 4 years, stocking more than just wax melts and our range is ever increasing. There is a lot of amazing products and ideas coming over the next lot of months and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all my customers. Some of you have been with Melt my Heart since day 1 and some just recently joining the family of melt lovers.
It's been a pleasure to make your homes smell just as beautiful as those who live within them and I plan to keep doing just that.
All your packages are sent to you with love, and I feel like a piece of me goes with them to their new forever home. So to end this very long introduction.. thank you to all my Melt my Heart's customers, new and old! Here's to the next 4 and a half years.
Love & Light,