Chasing Goals and Creating Memories

Who could have imagined that my hobby would transform into an awe-inspiring adventure that I'm absolutely obsessed with? Thanks to the phenomenal community behind Melt my Heart, who have ignited my passion but also given me the courage to dream big and chase goals that once seemed out of reach.

Since 2017, we've been pouring our hearts into creating the highest quality products just for you. Each and every one of our creations is lovingly made by hand, right here in the Waikato. Our cozy studio, nestled next to my own home, is where the magic happens.

We mix, mould, and pack each product with the utmost care and attention to detail.

But it's not just about creating amazing scents; it's about creating a connection.Melt My Hearthas blossomed in ways I couldn't have imagined over the past seven years, thanks to our incredible online community and fellow enthusiasts. While our love for wax melts remains strong, our product range has expanded to include SkincareHome & Car products, and our ever-increasing popular Laundry range. Now, you can carry your favourite scents with you wherever life takes you.

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our dedication to the planet. We believe in doing things differently.

That's why we've bid farewell to single-use plastic packaging. When you receive our fabulous wax melts, they'll be wrapped in 100% plastic-free cellulose film, nestled in reusable boxes, or housed in recyclable glass jars.

And that's not all! We've made sure that all our other products are packaged in materials that are either reusable or compostable. We even utilise shredded paper or repurpose packaging we receive to ship your orders.

It's our way of spreading love to both you and the environment.

At Melt My Heart, we believe in the power of a personal touch. Every single product is infused with love and care, radiating warmth and happiness. From the meticulous handcrafting process to the thoughtful packaging and labelling, it's a true labor of love.

My boys, Logan (seven) and Caden (six), are always eager to lend a helping hand, ensuring that your order is prepared with utmost dedication and attention to detail.

We're a family, and we take immense pride in the personal connection we foster through our products.

We're driven by a commitment to quality, innovation, and, most importantly, bringing happiness to our customers. When you choose Melt My Heart, you're not just getting exceptional products; you're creating memories that will melt your heart.

So, join us on this scent-filled journey. Let's create moments that will stay with you forever.