Reaper, an enigmatic figure shrouded in mystery, manifests as nothing more than a haunting skull amidst a crowd, yet his presence defies the ordinary. Hovering above all others, he exudes an ethereal aura that sets him apart. The origins of this spectral being remain elusive, concealed within the depths of the unknown, while his true intentions linger in a realm of ambiguity.

Fragrance: A robust essence of tangy orange and delightful mandarin forms the foundation, accompanied by a harmonious blend of cinnamon and ginger, infusing a tantalising touch of spice.

Trick is a mischievous character who takes immense pleasure in hunting and taunting his fellow companions. While he happens to be Treat's twin, he stands out as an exceptionally cunning pumpkin. Trick embodies playfulness and has an insatiable desire for pulling pranks on all his friends. Although he frequently teases Treat, deep down they share an unbreakable bond as the closest of friends, as only twins can.

Fragrance: Smooth and velvety milk dances with fragrant vanilla, entwined with the delectable essence of sweet pumpkin. Embracing this decadent symphony are the opulent spices of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon, crafting a truly indulgent and tantalising treat.

Quiver, an addition to Jigsaw's sinister entourage, may appear skittish at first glance, but beneath her timidity lies a truly malevolent nature. She's a creature of utmost treachery, poised to strike with just a hiss and a scratch, leaving those who dare to cross her path in imminent peril.

Fragrance: A foundation of sandalwood and a subtle touch of vanilla form the bedrock, giving rise to the delicate mid notes of orchid and lilac, accentuated by a hint of clove and cinnamon. Floating above it all are the sheer top notes of invigorating grapefruit and luscious berry, completing this fragrant symphony.

Treat is an extraordinary pumpkin, distinguished by its unique and captivating presence. With a delightful and amiable demeanour, Treat effortlessly wins the hearts of all who encounter him. Treat possesses an uncanny ability to charm his way through any situation and remain universally adored, regardless of his actions.

Fragrance: The harmonious blend of crisp green apple, aromatic clove buds, and fiery red hot cinnamon gives rise to a timeless and evocative fragrance that is cherished by countless individuals. This traditional scent carries a touch of nostalgia, invoking cherished memories and a sense of familiarity that resonates deeply with many.

Nightmare, the most perilous of all pumpkins, possesses an enchanting allure and a mischievous grin that conceals his true intentions. Beware, for you shall never anticipate the strike of his malevolent ways.

Fragrance: Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting fusion of luscious bubblegum, fluffy cotton candy, succulent apples, and crisp pears harmoniously entwined with sweetened lemon drops reminiscent of delectable candy. This delightful medley is further enhanced by the addition of crushed Madagascar vanilla, resulting in an aroma that is bound to captivate the senses of anyone fortunate enough to experience it.

Finally, we have Jigsaw, the eminent ruler of this assemblage. Once an unwavering companion who faithfully stood by the side of its creator, Jigsaw has now transcended into something greater. With an air of stillness and vigilance, marked by midnight eyes that never waver, the subtle twitch of its tail conveys a multitude of messages without uttering a single word.

Fragrance: An enchanting fragrance crafted from a delightful blend of rich, savoury caramel and a captivating hint of saltiness. This buttery caramel aroma gracefully entwines with smooth, luxurious vanilla, aromatic coconut, and the opulent essence of tonka bean. The culmination is a seamless fusion of flavours, creating a symphony of taste that strikes a flawless equilibrium between sweetness and indulgence.