Give It a Toss, Collect Credit!

At Melt My Heart, we're all about being eco-friendly and sustainable. That's why we're super excited to have a Packaging Boomerang in place!

So, instead of tossing it, send your packaging back to us and we'll make sure it gets a second life!

Our packaging and storage options are designed to be used over and over again. We even repurpose shipping materials like bubble wrap. So, let's keep the cycle going and make a positive impact on the environment together!

We hope you'll consider passing them on for another round of use!

By participating in our packaging boomerang, not only will you contribute to a more sustainable future, but you'll also receive store credit as a token of our appreciation.

When you return the sample boxes and glass jars to Melt My Heart in a clean and reusable condition, you're not only doing your part for the environment but also gaining some benefits for yourself.

Returned items and store credit

  • Mini Teddy/Dino Melt Jars: Earn $1.35 in store credit.
  • Mixology and Sample Boxes: Receive $2.90 in store credit.
  • Mega Mixology Boxes: Earn $4.50 in store credit.
  • Mini Body Butter Glass Jars with Lid: Get $1.00 in store credit.
  • Whipped Soap and Body Butter Jars with Lids: Earn $2.00 in store credit.
  • 10ml Refill Black Bottles (minus lids): Receive $0.50 in store credit.
  • Perfume Roll-on Bottles: Get $1.25 in store credit.

When you're ready to send back your packaging, simply send us an email at

Let us know the size and weight of your package if it's a box, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll email you back a shipping label that you can easily print out and attach. Once you've done that, just drop off your parcel at any Post Shop. (We use NZ Couriers for all parcels)

Once we've received your returned package, we'll promptly credit your account with the total return cost of the items.

terms and conditions

1. This offer holds no cash value, and store credit will only be issued upon receipt of the mentioned items.
2. Qualifying packaging must be emptied and thoroughly cleaned before being returned.
3. This program was initiated on the 28th October, 2021, and will remain in effect until further notice.
4. Melt My Heart retains the right to withdraw or modify this program with one month's notice, which will be provided on this page.

By participating in this scheme, you confirm your agreement to abide by the above terms and conditions.