reward your obsession

At Melt my Heart, we wanted to show our appreciation to our amazing customers and subscribers. That's why we completely revamped our rewards program.

Our new Heartfelt Rewards program gives you the flexibility to choose your own rewards, offers a refer a friend program, and introduces a fresh way to reward you.

It's quick, easy, and the best part is you'll get bonus goodies and even exclusive products. Here’s how it works:

start earning now!

Whether you're an expert fragrance connoisseur or embarking on your scent-seeking journey, there are numerous ways to accumulate "Heartfelt Tokens".

Check out the below options to discover how simple it is to earn tokens!

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refer and earn!

Introduce a friend to Melt my Heart, and they'll receive a $10 discount when they place their first order. 

As a thank you, you'll earn 2000 heartfelt tokens, which is equivalent to $20! It's a win-win for everyone involved!


embrace the freedom of choice

Exchange your heartfelt tokens for a variety of choices. Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping or take advantage of free credit ranging from $5 to $25 off your next purchase. Alternatively, explore our collection of popular items and choose one as a complimentary gift.

Make use of your tokens to discover our exciting new Peek Box, a carefully curated selection of upcoming products. This month, you can be among the first to try samples from our exclusive new men's range.

To make things even more convenient, you can also use your heartfelt tokens to achieve instant savings. Simply redeem your tokens directly at the cart, and witness the price decrease. And remember this simple guideline: $1 is equal to 100 tokens. It's that simple!

captivating membership levels

Experience the power of advancement through our membership tiers and unlock a range of incredible rewards.

Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast with a taste for exclusive offers or a scent master seeking additional discounts on orders, our tiers serve as a gateway to a multitude of benefits.

  • 0 - 3499 tokens

    • Exclusive Promotions
    • Birthday Tokens
    • 10 Tokens per Dollar
  • 3500 - 6499 tokens

    • Exclusive Promotions
    • Birthday Tokens 
    • Extra 350 Birthday Tokens
    • 12 Tokens per Dollar
    • 350 Level Up Tokens
  • 6500 - 9999 tokens

    • Exclusive Promotions
    • Special Offers
    • Birthday Tokens 
    • Extra 650 Birthday Tokens
    • 15 Tokens per Dollar
    • 650 Level Up Tokens
  • 10000+ tokens

    • Exclusive Promotions
    • Special Offers
    • 10% off Orders (Doesn't stack with other discounts)
    • Birthday Tokens 
    • Extra 1000 Birthday Tokens
    • 20 Tokens per Dollar
    • 1000 Level Up Tokens