Alter Your Mood

Alter Your Mood

Scents can alter your mood by directly impacting the neurons in your brain.  Different scents trigger different parts of the brain, and evoke various emotions.  Melt my Heart's wax melts range can do the same with our strong scents that spreads around the room when you melt them.

Different fragrances have different impacts, knowing beforehand which scents can set the kind of mood and ambience you desire will allow you to do it just perfect. From fruit scents, to the true to form florals, you can play around with scents to create something of your own as well.

How can scents affect your mood?

Scented candles aren't something new, they've been around for centuries, and melts have come onto the scene a while back too.  Can say the same for Essential oils, Plants and Herbs that have aromatics that relive stress and improve health in either a medical or religious setting. Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular in recent times.  But, how do fragrances impact your mood and brain? According to Chryssa Chalkia, a UKCP therapist, scented candles are scientifically proven to calm our nerves. This is why even therapists use scents during their therapy sessions to help their clients calm down and feel safe. 

Scents directly impact out brain, and out mood by targeting the limbic system.  This  part of our brain represents where emotions and memories exist and also hormones like dopamine and serotonin are produced here.

Wax Melts have the same impact, however they may change your mood a lot quicker with the quick and strong release of fragranced scents. 

Picking Wax Melts by Mood

You're probably convinced by now that wax melts can help uplift your mood, calm your senses and change the energy of a room.  And to be honest, we all need that in our lives.

Below I've listed some different scents you could use to create a certain mood or ambience.


Romance always brings to mind candles and rose petals.  And now you can definitely replace the candle with some well chosen melts to create that romantic atmosphere you want!

Anniversaries, or a romantic getaway, filling the room with sensual fragrances can set the mood you want. These scents could also amplify passion and at the same time give off a relaxing feeling.

Some of the well-known fragrances for creating the perfect romantic ambience, some are rose, cinnamon, jasmine, and lavender.

Mix and matching fragrances can definitely be done, but don't get too carried away or your partner could be distracted by the delightful scents.  Don't forget to dim the lights and have soft sultry music playing!  

Wax melts make this so easier since most of them are different scents all mixed into one.  Want to set the mood?  Try our Champagne Cocktail, Rose Quartz, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, French Lavender, and Love Spell.


Stressed?  Had a bit of a hectic day at work? Or you might suffer from general anxiety, and your nerves get the best of you at times?

Putting some melts in your burner or warmer is exactly what you need to do calm yourself down, relax and say good bye to your stress.  At least temporarily of course.

A lot of the scents in wax melts are naturally calming, and these come from essential oils that have been proven to reduce metal and physical fatigues, stress, sadness and any other worries you might have.

What scents work?  Florals and herbal fragrances work like magic! Lavender, Vanilla, and Sandalwood are just a few that can help you feel less worried and stressed.


Ever struggle to get out of bed or do anything?  That's okay, we all do it, but there are times when you really do have to get up and go to work, do chores and have places to be.

Give yourself a kickstart by melting some melts that energize and revitalize your senses and boost your mood!

There a lot of scents that can have that impact upon you, and inspire you to be more productive.  Aiming to be more productive during the day, grab a cup of coffee and melt some citrus like scents to create an invigorating atmosphere.  Melts that contain lemon, grapefruit, orange or mandarin in their scents can definitely be the ones to kickstart your day!

Try our Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Sex on the Beach, or Bite Me wax melts.


Every now and then you just want to take your senses for a ride.  All around us there are distinct aromas and you can visit anywhere on Earth using wax melts.  Paris, London or even the bakery down the road can be revisited just by choosing the right fragrance.

Fragrances like these are prefect for when you're hosting parties and dinners for friends and family.  Not only will they keep the mood positive, but they make great ice breakers too.

Have a look at our Bakery, Perfume and Cocktail Wax Melts, they're all unique and exotic in their own way.


If you're feeling love, or need to a bit of a push to get moving, melting some wax melts may be just what need.  Using the right scents can help even more by giving your their best effects.

Not to mention, if you've had a bit of a fight with your partner, melts can totally help you set the mood light and bury the hatchet between you.

I’m not making that up; it’s all backed by science!


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