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Sample Hearts Wax Melts Box

    • Melt my Hearts Sample Hearts Wax Melts Box is the perfect introduction to the world of soy wax melts. So many gorgeous sounding scents to choose from, but do you want to give them all a little sniff test first? That’s not a problem with a Sample Hearts Wax Melts Box.

      That's why Melt my Heart has brought out the Sample Hearts Wax Melts Box! You can work out which ones are your favourites, and which you’ve fallen in love with before committing to purchasing any one of Melt my Hearts extensive range of Scented Soy Wax Melts. The sample melts are suitable for use in both tealight burners and any brand of electric warmers.

      Each Sample Hearts Wax Melts Box comes with 5 different sample scents of your choice. In each of the scents, there are 4 Hearts that are jam-packed full of fragrance.  You can then pop one or two into your Burner or Warmer and sample the fragrances.

      Each fragrance choice will give you roughly 20 hours of scent, and around 100 hours per box! More than enough to give you a good idea of what you’ll love and buy next!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Tania McKerrow
Reed Diffuser - LOVE SPELL

Wow!…this scent is gorgeous and the diffuser is easy to use. Room smells beautiful for days… just invert sticks when scent starts to fade.

Marlee M.

A great way to try out new scents, love the heart shape! They smell so good!! Cheap too!

Brylee Budd
Sample boxes

Love, love, love the option of the sample boxes! Such a great way to try the different scents. Love the cute shape of the melts and they all smell amazing!

Yvonne R.
A great alternative to the Mixology box!

This sample box is a great alternative to the Mixology box if you're absolutely unsure about how much you'll enjoy the scents! Each scent is fantastically packed into a heart shaped wax melt and when melted, you're either mesmerised by the smell or by the way the glitter and colours mix! A fantastic gift for yourself or for someone equally obsessed with scents, an absolute favourite!

Lisa Kirk

These are's a wonderful way to try scents that you're not too sure about! I've found a few more to add to my full size orders. These are also a good size for mixing with other full size bars...I especially like experimenting with different scent classes like floral with earthy types...will buy again, I still have a few scents to try lol

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