Cleaning your burner

Cleaning your burner

How do you get our used wax melts out of your burner or warmer?

There are many different wants to do it, but using a knife or any type of cutlery is NOT how you do it! They will damage your burner, scratching the dish and possibly breaking it in the process!

Sometimes a small hairline crack can form which is invisible to the naked eye and can be very dangerous, even possibly starting a fire if left unnoticed.

Here are a few ways that are much safer for your burner/warmer and yourself!

First Method:
Take a tealight candle and place it in your burner or turn on your warmer for at least 30 seconds, or until the wax has gone slight soft underneath. Blow the tealight candle out or turn your warmer off and push the wax until it just slides out or pops out in one piece!

Second Method:
Using a similar method to the first, this time allow the wax to completely melt. Then blow the tealight candle out or turn your warmer off and grab a few cotton wool pads. Place them in the burner dish and allow them to soak up the wax. You might have to do this a few times before all the wax has been soaked up. Once done pop the cotton wool pad in the bin or save for winter and use as a firestarter for your home fire

Don't forget to wipe your burner clean every time and you'll be all set to melt again. Oh and always check for any cracks before use!


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