August 2021 Numbers❣️

August 2021 Numbers❣️

I was a little curious this morning and wanted to see what the numbers were of what products sold the most in August and I am blown away! 

This post is just a little, or should I say a BIG appreciation post to all of my customers, supporters and the behind the scenes cheerleaders who has helped Melt my Heart get through Covid-19 lockdown once again!

Melt my Heart has grown exponentially since day one and I can only see what's ahead for this small business of mine!  I do have some big plans up my sleeves and a to-do list that's roughly 4kms long!

Every single one of the almost 7,000 wax melts have been hand poured, hand wrapped, hand labelled and yes, hand packaged by myself with the loving help of Logan (5 years old) and Caden ( almost 4 years old).  My boys love helping out and every single one of you has allowed me to be at home with my boys, watching them grown and also do what I love the most.  Creating beautiful wax melts that make your home smell divine!

Looking back at August, I absolutely have no idea how I have physically done all of this, shipping individual orders in such a short amount of time.  But, ultimately it comes down each and every one of Melt my Heart's customers and supporters who have been behind this company all through August and many of you since Day one.  Without you all, Melt my Heart wouldn't be where it's at, at the moment and you all are absolutely fantastic.

I am hoping for a better and more predictable rest of the year, but it does look like we all might be waiting a little longer for that!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alexandria ❣️
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