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Oh heck...!

I've never been very good at writing, so hopefully this blog gives everyone a bit of an insiders view of what happens at Melt my Heart, not to mention any other ramblings!

This post is a little (or pretty big!) appreciation post to every single one of my customers, supporters and cheerleaders that have helped me get through what has been the most stressful week, not only for me but I'm sure for everyone else in New Zealand. 

It's been incredible frustrating to not be able to provide that level of service I pride myself in, and I am completely blown away by how everyone has been so understanding.  Orders are slowly leaving the premises, but there are a few supply issues at hand... I can't get the jars for the Teddy Bear Melts or the boxes for the Samples/Mixology range.  Most likely be able to get those at Level 2, but I have hope! 

A lot has been happening behind the scenes though!  Our new website is almost ready to be launched, and most of the new product photos are done.  Not to mention some new exciting scents being launched soon too!  Did I mention we added Caramilk Cheesecake to the list?  it's absolutely yummy!

Anyways, before I begin to ramble, lol.... I am certainly hoping for the "new normal" once more, and in the meantime I am keeping calm and carrying on as much as possible to get through these tough and frustrating times times.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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We are all living in an extremely strange and new way but we need to be so very thankful we live in a country where we are blessed to have beautiful caring communities who support each other 😊

Nichole Williams

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