What a year! 2021 recap

What a year! 2021 recap

2021 sure wasn't an easy year for everyone.  With cabin fever setting in for the last half of 2021, I can't be the only one looking forward to 2022 and a little bit more freedom! 🙈

For Melt my Heart, 2021 actually saw my small business become more than that!  With new product releases, especially the Mini Teddy Bear Melts, and Sample Hearts Wax Melts which took off better then I could have even imagined!  The launch of our very own Facebook Group that allows customers new and old to discuss and exchange their thoughts, insights and ideas for the future of Melt my Heart!  I absolutely love the camaraderie that happens in this group and look forward to having it grow a lot more in 2022.

With the lockdowns and border restrictions within New Zealand, there were delays in orders, but with the consideration from all of our customers with delays that were out of our hands, we were finally able to catch up and push forward with Christmas releases and a few other fun products up our sleeves!

There's still a lot of work to be done for Melt my Heart, with new product photos, and a little bit of a website rehaul, making navigation easier and a few other goodies planned.

I could go on and on about all the behind the scenes here at Melt my Heart, but I'd be typing for days! We will be moving premises sometime in January/February and hopefully be able to make it as seamless as possible!

I'd like to give a MASSIVE thanks to all of our loyal customers, wax melt addicts and wholesale customers.  And to all of our Instagram and Facebook engagers.  While 2021 wasn't the best personally for a lot of us, I can only hope that Melt my Heart has provided you with a little moment of happiness with our products!

I really am looking forward to what 2022, especially with our 5th year anniversary this month!  I look forward to keeping your homes filled with amazing products and scents!

Love & light,


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