Heartfelt Rewards - Terms & Conditions

Enrollment - You will be automatically enrolled when you sign up for our newsletters, create an account, or place an order a thttps://meltmyheart.nz.

Benefits - For every $1 spent at Melt my Heart in a transaction, excluding shipping costs, you will earn a minimum of 10 heartfelt tokens. These tokens will be added to your account immediately after the order is placed. Tokens will expire after 6 months if not used. You will earn tokens on all purchases except for sale products (tokens are awarded based on the actual price), gift cards, and shipping charges. You can view your tokens and rewards by logging into your program account at https://meltmyheart.nz/account/login. There is no membership fee associated with the program. Your tokens, rewards, and account within the program are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred, assigned, or shared with family, friends, or others.

Removal of an account - Melt my Heart reserves the right to terminate your participation in the program: (a) if Melt my Heart believes that the use of your account is unauthorized, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful or in violation of these terms and conditions; (b) for any reasons in its sole discretion or (c) as per clause 1 above. You can end your participation at any time by sending an email to Customer Support at support@meltmyheart.nz. Upon terminating your participation in the program, all tokens and rewards will be canceled.

Modification and Termination of the program - The program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Melt my Heart reserves the right to amend the program terms, including the value of tokens and rewards (accumulated or otherwise) by publishing notice on our website. Melt my Heart reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, cancel, or amend the program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice to you.

Privacy Policy - We shall use your personal information ("data") to manage your membership and for sales and market analysis. We shall process your data securely and will only share it within Melt my Heart's group of companies and its subsidiaries as well as with our parent company (MMH GROUP Limited) and its subsidiaries with adequate security measures anywhere in the world. We will never otherwise share your information with unaffiliated third parties without your explicit consent. Separate from your membership and provided you have not opted out, we will also use your contact details to send you from time to time marketing communications and keep you up to date with our products, promotions, and special offers and with general information concerning Melt my Heart. You may unsubscribe from receiving such marketing communications at any time by following the instructions in any of our marketing communications by email. To learn more about our approach to privacy, please visit https://meltmyheart.nz/policies/privacy-policy.