Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

First of, thank you for joining me in this brand new blog!ย  I have been meaning to set one up for a few years now, and I've FINALLY gotten round to sitting down and getting it all going!

I'm not sure how this blog is going to turn out, but I wanted to create a space where I can share with all my lovely customers a lot of what happens behind the scenes at Melt my Heart and of course, exciting news about all our high scented melts!ย  There is TONNES of stuff that happens day to day here, that I just don't get posting about on any of the social media platforms.ย  But I really want to share it with you all, actually I'm desperate to show it!ย  And this is the best way to do it, I think!

The plan is, I'll write about all the things wax related, and anything else that comes to mind at the time, but I also want to thank you for being on the journey with me!

Keep a look out for new blog posts over the next few weeks. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Thank you again!


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I appreciate the sincerity of this write-up of yours. Canโ€™t wait to see more! God bless and more power for making a beautiful Blogs

Straight from My Heart
Jacqui Delorenzo

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